Make Free Phone Calls With KNCTR

More and more people nowadays are going abroad due to several crucial factors such as the need to work and receive more income in other countries. In this kind of situation, those people who are going overseas are also going far away from their relatives and friends which means communication will be extremely difficult for them. Calling someone overseas or making international calls are hugely expensive. People can make international calls, but they will only be talking to their relatives or friends for just a remarkably short period of time to avoid spending high amount of money just for the calls that they have made. Fortunately, there is a certain software that can solve this kind of problem. A kind of software that allows people to call for free, and this is the KNCTR.

The KNCTR isĀ  software that offers both free communication and entertainment. This is a desktop app that can be downloaded and used for free. It provides a lot of benefits for its users such as extraordinary daily video that includes auto reviews, daily exclusives, movie trailers, app and technology insight, news updates and hot gossips of Hollywood celebrities. The KNCTR can also be used in making both long distance and local calls to landlines and cellphones for all people in the continent of North America. The KNCTR is not just for free calling, but also for entertainment purposes so that any user won’t get bored and will surely be convinced in downloading and using this software. Here are the more detailed information about the things that people can get using this software


  1. The KNCTR provides users with the capability of staying connected with every person that matters to them the most. With KNCTR, they will be able to make phone calls to any landline or mobile number of any person who is either in or outside North America with totally free of charge. The user just has to buy a headset and plug it into their computer, get an internet connection and download and install KNCTR. The KNCTR is also a powerful tool for traveling because users can download it in their laptops or netbooks so that they can use it wherever they go and whenever they want.
  2. With KNCTR, people will be able to access fantastic video contents just right at their fingertips. Users can stay up to date with the latest Hollywood gossips on the Celebrity news channel of KNCTR. This software also has a trailers channel wherein the users can see new exciting upcoming movies and users can enjoy other daily exclusives which are only available in KNCTR. This software offers all of these features without making the user open any other webpage or spend any amount of money.
  3. KNCTR users will be able to decrease desktop clutters through having their social media networks all in this one desktop application. KNCTR users will be able to access their twitter or facebook accounts, browse through the RSS reader and read the latest articles, tweet or posts. KNCTR users can also share and read content with just the use of this application. Using the KNCTR will give the user the benefit of being updated with the latest tweets and posts of their favorite celebrities.


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